Carpentry Services in Dubai

Fix and Wipe Services has established itself as a carpentry services company in Dubai with professional cleaning solutions to handle in an appropriate manner.

Carpentry Services in Dubai

No matter how small you think your job might be we would love to have a chance to help you out. We treat the smaller jobs with exactly the same amount of care and attention as we do the larger ones and our aim is to leave our customers delighted with a job well done.
Reliable, quality and affordable service

The touchstone of our business is to provide our customers with a reliable service that you can count on to be of a high standard of quality. Our professionals can easily handle any type of carpentry service, regardless of its size.yet still being affordable, from fitting a wooden floor to child-proofing the house. Our carpenters offer a range of services you can enjoy. We can help with:

  • Doors – changing doors and replacing door hinges
  • Flooring – installing new wooden floors
  • Kitchen units – fitting integrated appliances and assembling kitchen cabinets
  • Partition walls – removing and moving, for better use of your office space

Home Renovation in Dubai

Weather it is a simple Kitchen remodel, a new master suite, or an attic addition, Carpentry Works is ready for your project. We take on all size projects and treat them all with the same enthusiasm. Our goal is to make your vision a reality. On time and within budget. We provide realistic estimates and schedules at the beginning of every project. Want to make a change in the middle of the project? We can handle that as well. Every project has a life of it’s own and we are there every step of the way.

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Planning a home renovation?

It can be quite overwhelming to plan a home renovation, especially if you aren’t sure where to find the professionals required for it. If you need someone to work on the floors, doors, windows, stairs and cabinets of your home, you can’t go wrong with Fix and Wipe, a platform that will get you in touch with plenty of qualified carpenters in Dubai to send you quotes on the job and answer any questions you might have about the upcoming renovation.

Custom orders

Besides helping with home renovation projects, carpenters also take custom orders. Have a unique piece in mind that no one else has? Work with a carpenter that has the right expertise and tools who will listen to every idea you have and answer all your queries. We make the process easier for you by housing a list of carpenters all under one website.

We can help with the outdoors

Spruce up your outdoor area with a new hardwood patio or add a deck next to your swimming pool this summer. Find a qualified expert from Fix and Wipe to send you a quote for your carpentry projects in Dubai. Set a budget and tell the representative you speak to how much you’re looking to spend so the quote is not too far out of your comfort zone. Make sure the quote sent includes extra accessories and pieces you’ll need for the outdoor space.

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