Building and Flooring Services in Dubai

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Top Flooring Services in Dubai with Construction

The floor of a building is the most important part in terms of designing and decoration, as it puts the first impression on the visitors. Being a renowned fit-out contractors in Dubai, we are familiar with the importance of flooring designs in the building construction. If you are looking for exquisite flooring designs to give a new look to your space, the flooring designs are absolutely the solution for you.

Fix & Wipe Interiors is dealing in floor designing and development for a long time and has attained a reputed position in the flooring & ceiling industry in Dubai.

The various designs of marble flooring, tiles flooring, parquet flooring, vinyl flooring, and epoxy flooring are being provided by the expert professionals of our team according to the theme and design of your space.

Flooring Solutions - Giving Exquisite Look to Any Space

The installation of the flooring solutions for commercial, hospitality or residential spaces is now very much accessible in Dubai at Fix & Wipe. Flooring is giving an ultimate finishing to the space for the purpose of enhancing its beauty and elegance.

With the use of modern designs and latest technology, we aim at providing wonderful flooring solutions depending on your budget and the theme of your place. All the flooring solutions including vinyl, parquet, epoxy, marble and tiles, are being provided in the cost-effective manner by the well-trained and experienced flooring experts at Fix & Wipe.

Where the parquet, vinyl, marble, and tiles are used in the display centres or residential villas and apartments most specifically as per the theme of the space, the epoxy is highly recommended in the commercial and industrial buildings for long durability and usage.

Why Avail Our Flooring Services?

We are among the best-in-class fit out companies in Dubai since our inception because of the quality fit-out construction services provided to various clients. Our flooring solutions are superior in many contexts as we make effective plans for provision of the best floors for the buildings at the time of drafting the layout for fit-outs. This helps in installing the floors more efficiently and cost-effectively.

– 1. We provide exquisite floor designs
– 2. We specialize vinyl, epoxy, marble, parquet & tiles flooring
– 3. We focus on clients’ requirements the most
– 4. Our flooring services complement the theme of space
– 5. From designing to developing patterns, everything is taken care of
– 6. We aim at completing the tasks within time

If you are looking for some amazing flooring solutions for your home or commercial space, then Fix & Wipe must be your prior choice. We have the world-class high quality flooring material of different variety to give an elegant look to your buildings’ floor.

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Types of flooring

There are a lot of different types of flooring available for installation in Dubai. The type of flooring you choose will ultimately depend on the needs of your family. For example, if you’ve got pets and children running around the house, it might be a better idea to have ceramic rather than hardwood flooring to avoid scratching. Get the best advice on the flooring you need by hiring a Dubai handyman on ServiceMarket.

Flooring vs carpets

Installing carpets in your Dubai home will be cheaper than installing flooring. However, the benefits of flooring, especially in Dubai, cannot be matched by any carpet type. Installing flooring will save you a ton on cleaning and care that carpets require. On top of that, flooring will leave your home feeling much cooler than carpets especially in our high temperature climate. To get a free quote from a licensed maintenance company in Dubai, visit ServiceMarket today.

Choosing licensed professionals

When you decide to hire someone to redo your flooring, hire a licensed handyman. A licensed professional in Dubai is more likely to know what they are doing and will be more likely to finish the project. When you hire a handyman in Dubai through one of our licensed partners on ServiceMarket, you will also be receiving a 30 day warranty for the handyman service. Stick to licensed professionals even if it costs a little more because it will save you a lot in the long run.

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Building & Flooring Contractors in Dubai UAE

Flooring decisions are rarely simple as there are so many options, colors, designs, and materials to consider before you can decide right fit for you. Having a good idea of what you want in the first place is a good start. If not, then you should consult a professional who can get you off to a good start by asking you all the right questions & understanding the requirements.

You may not know the answer to all of them but it’s a great starting point. Many of the pieces of the puzzle of what flooring service is right for you will fall into place as you consider each question, and gradually work out the answers.

Some of the questions you may be asked are;

What type of Traffic do you expect, on the Floor?

For most home owners this is not such a huge concern, but for businesses with high volumes of foot traffic it is perhaps the most important. Most home flooring solutions will not be able to withstand the rigors of a high traffic commercial endeavor. Other concerns you may need to make a note of are whether you will be driving vehicles on the flooring, such as in shopping centers for ticket sales.

What is your Budget?

This factor alone plays a big part in choosing the type of flooring you want for your building or home. Obviously, you will need to get a few quotes from different providers to see how much leeway you have in your budget.

Do You Need a new Floor or just need a Renovation?

Sometimes you may think you need a new floor but a renovation can often bring the old floor back to a desirable state for much lesser cost than anticipated. Your professional trades person will be the best person to explore this option with.

Plan Ahead

Think about how long you will need the floor. You may be considering a room that may later be converted for a different use. You need to make sure that the flooring is appropriate for that use or you may end up installing a new floor once again just to accommodate the necessary changes.

What type of Floor Coverings?

Do you want or need new ceramic tiles, marble, wooden floors, or carpet. Your budget may be a deciding factor in what you ultimately purchase. However, sometimes the cheapest options can work out to be the most expensive. A cheap vinyl flooring for example, is easily damaged, meaning you may find yourself replacing or repairing the floor much sooner than anticipated. It would be better to spend the extra money and get a floor covering that will last longer than lose out on your cash in recurring maintenance charges.

These are just a few of the many considerations you will need to cover before finding a suitable solution for your flooring needs. Be sure to speak with a professional to help understand your requirement that will help you in your decision making process. Make flooring installations easy with Fix & WIpe. Hire the best service providers your projects with Fix & Wipe.

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